Broken Tool Amnesty

How can you help?
We want any old hand tools, garden furniture or anything that needs a bit of tender love and care so we can fix it.

What is the Fix-it team?
We are a team of men who meet at the Men’s Shed at Aspire Community Hub in Canal Road Hereford to repair and make items that can be sold to the community for the benefit of the club.

What is a Men’s Shed?
The ‘Men’s Shed’ is a community space designed specifically for men aged 65 years and over.  The Men’s Shed aims to bring older men together in one place to ensure social engagement and reduce potential mental illness that occurs as a result of isolation and loneliness. Whilst at the Hub members can share skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and tackle projects with other club members and Hub users with learning difficulties. Thus supporting the invaluable work of Aspire.

Where are we?
Based at Aspire Community Hub in Canal Road, Hereford, the charity have a well-equipped hobby workshop and garden area where members can work together on a range of practical activities.

How do you donate an item?
Either drop it in at the Hub anytime 9:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday or at one of our tool drop off points listed on our website. Alternatively if you have a large item or a number of items give us a call and we’ll arrange collection.

Looking to purchase an item?
We plan to run a number of community sales through the year, please view the calendar page on the web site or follow the Aspire Men’s Shed on twitter and Facebook for the next event.

How else can you help?
Pass this leaflet on to friends and family and follow our social media pages to help spread the word.

  Men’s Shed aim... The aim of our shed is to promote health and wellbeing in older men through friendship, sharing skills and interests with each other and learning new skills.