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Pathway to Work Project

Do you want to learn new things?
Do you want to volunteer or get a job?

Learning something new, or developing skills you already have, is great to boost your confidence and prepare you for volunteering and paid employment.

We will support you to attend one-off courses, attend a college course or to complete an apprenticeship.

We will support you to volunteer, or if your goal is to get a paid job, we will support you with that too!

We will help you find local opportunities, support you through the application process and support you to get settled in your new role.

We have a fantastic team of job coaches who will help you through your pathway to work.

Want to find out more about our project?

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What sort of job would I like and how do I find one?

What training will I need and where can I find it?

What skills do I have and how do I write an interesting CV?

How do I apply for jobs I like the look of?

Job coach

How do I prepare for interviews? Can I practice?

How do I prepare for starting work? Can I do a ‘taster’ visit?

Our Job Coach will support you with all of this in 12 weeks!

How will I get to work safely? Can I do travel training?

This project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund to tackle the root causes of poverty, promote social inclusion and drive local jobs and growth.

The project helps those furthest away from employment gain the skills and experience they need to get into work. BBO Herefordshire will work with people aged 19+ years across Herefordshire who are experiencing multiple barriers, resulting in social exclusion. The project will help participants gain skills and develop confidence through intensive personalised support to equip them with the abilities needed to move towards and into employment. It will also provide access to a wide and diverse range of volunteering opportunities, enabling more disadvantaged people to move into further education or training having acquired basic skills, increased confidence and motivation through participation in project activities.

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring


Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring