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Better Days

A better day means a better life … so what does a good day look like for you?

Everyone has the right to live the life they choose, including to have a great day

We empower people to make choices in their day to day life and in the community – and have a great day! We can support and encourage you in all sorts of activities from shopping and cooking a meal for your friends or family, participating in a social enterprise bakery, volunteering in your community or visiting family.

Funding arrangements and social networks vary so we encourage everyone to make the most of opportunities available.

It is great when people create their own opportunities too and we know that you will have your own ideas about what makes a better day.

We aim to empower you to make friendships of your own with people who share your interests, so you need not rely on paid support to have a good time.

No matter what you like to do, or what your support needs are, Aspire can support you to have a better day.

Having a better day means having a better life!

Community Hub

Our Hub is a welcoming and friendly place and everyone and anyone is welcome. We have an all‑day café that offers healthy delicious food – a lot of it is grown in our lovely garden at the Hub or at Aspire Growing.

Aspire Growing

Aspire Growing offers lots of opportunities that empower people to make choices and develop skills and confidence. 

Aspire @ St. Owen’s

Aspire@St Owen’s in central Hereford is a great base and starting place for your adventures in the community. It is a strong and supportive bridge for people who may not have the confidence to go out or spend much time in the community, so you can feel safe and choose where and what you  do.

People Out Doing Stuff

… or PODS, is people doing what they choose in the community, either supported one-to-one or in social groups. Choices are led, and events are planned, by the people with a learning disability who take part.

You can take part in PODS as and when you like. You will see posters about our PODS events and join in, or you can contact us to arrange support for you to go out and do something you want to do.

Meet Up

Is a way of meeting other people in very informal social settings. Meet Up events can include going to the pub for a chat and a pint or for a meal, going to the theatre or to a theme park.

Meet Up events are chosen and planned by the people who take part.

Youth Club

Our youth club is for young people aged 14+ who have a learning disability. As a member you will choose and plan what you want to do. This encourages you to learn to work together, a very important social skill.

Recent youth club trips have been to the cinema and bowling … bag packing to raise funds for a theme park trip… a picnic in the countryside… or staying in at our Hub to bake cakes or cook spaghetti bolognese in the kitchen or have a onesie film night. Anything goes!


If you are a younger person, from 14+, buddying is a great way for you to get to know to what is happening in your community. You will choose your buddy and decide what you want to do with them. You might want to go to a football match or play football yourself…you might want to walk in the woods or go shopping for clothes with someone who is close in age to you….you might want to go to a pub, disco or a nightclub and dance the night away …you might want to go to a music festival for the weekend or away on holiday. Anything is possible when you have a buddy…

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring


0300 303 1284

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring

0300 303 1284