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How we invest in & recognise our staff

We provide all the training you need so you will be a confident and competent member of our team


We pay staff for all the time they spend on training, and their expenses if it is arranged away from their usual place of work

Everyone has mandatory training, which may include the Care Certificate. We have refresher training regularly to make sure our skills are up to date.

We base our training on a lovely resource that explains our culture, vision and values.  Our blended approach includes face-to-face training, discussions with your manager or team and on-line modules. 

If you need particular knowledge or skills to support someone well, we will arrange all necessary training. This might be in epilepsy, peg feeding, diabetes…anything you need so you are well equipped and confident.

All our staff have a detailed induction when they begin working with us and attend a session about our culture and the way with work that is led by our Service Quality Director and Chief Executive. 

Staff who have a particular interest or skill may become Champions. Our Champions are in a wide range of disciplines including Moving and Handling (‘Key Movers’), Autism, Food and Hydration, SignAlong and technology and we think of new ones all the time.

Becoming a Champion is a great way of learning new things that you will share with your colleagues. If you don’t want to have any supervisory responsibility this might be for you.

If you want to support new members of your team, you might like to be a Senior.  Seniors are experienced support staff who know the people supported very well and know ‘how we do things round here’. This is a lovely role that recognises your knowledge and experience but doesn’t require you to supervise anyone!

A Team Leader supports their Manager and is an important part of our Management Team.  They make sure that everyone we support receives what they need and liaises with circles of support and professionals.

Meeting your manager 

Our staff are important to us – we couldn’t support people without you!

Everyone has regular one-to-one meetings with their line manager. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss anything you like about your day-to-day job. Your manager will want to make sure you are happy and confident in your role.  A one-to-one is sometimes called a supervision. Your manager will make notes of your discussion that may include some actions you have agreed that you will discuss at the next meeting.

Every year you will have an appraisal. This is a rather more formal meeting with your manager where you will both discuss how you have got on in your job since the last appraisal.

You can tell your manager if you would like some training or have an idea. They will listen to you and offer advice if you need some support.

Your annual appraisal will include target or objective setting. Objectives are actions that your manager will want you to complete by an agreed date.  Objectives are usually about yourself rather than people supported, but this may vary. An example objective might be that you should have completed a particular training module by the next time you meet.

Support for staff

We have a very supportive culture and are committed to working together in a positive way for the good of the people we support, our great staff team and our organisation.

If you have a problem within work, please do not ignore it… things that may be small at first can grow to become big and difficult to manage or resolve. Talk to your manager, to their manager or to our HR Manager.

If you have a problem outside work, please do not ignore it… we say from our first contact with new staff that we want you to have a good work-life balance and come to work ready to have a great day.  We offer a completely confidential and free Helpline and staff who have used it have reported that the advice has been helpful.

Contact Thera Group’s Employee Helpline on 0800 068 6729.

Your voice is important

We believe that everyone has a right to be heard.  At our Welcome sessions for new staff our Service Quality Director and Chief Executive encourage new members to the team to be brave and speak up.   You will be encouraged to contribute to team meetings, ask questions and share any concerns with your manager or our Executive. We will listen!

Our Service Quality Director and Chief Executive get out and about and talk to people we support and to our great staff.   Our CEO and HR Manager also attend team meetings to listen to ideas and concerns from teams.

Staff survey

Every year we send out a survey to our staff. We collate the results and share them with the Staff Forum through ‘You said, we did’.

Our survey is completely confidential.  We want to hear your views!

Aspire’s Staff Forum

The Staff Forum is a sub-committee of our Board of Trustees. It is chaired by one of our Trustees and reports to our Board.

Our Staff Forum ensures that all our staff have a voice.  Each team is represented on our Forum and can bring ideas for discussion. The Forum is invaluable for talking about events, terms of employment and our strategic direction.

Company membership

Our staff can become Company Members, unless they are already a member of the Staff Forum. Company Members can influence the way Aspire develops and may vote on all sorts of proposals at our Annual General Meeting.

Our Service Quality Director leads on Company Membership. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Saying thank you!

Staff Awards

We love to say ‘Thank You’ and celebrate successes (and have an excuse for a party whenever we can)!

Our Staff Awards ceremony takes place on Aspire’s birthday each year and we share stories about the exceptional and fantastic stuff that individual staff and teams do day-to-day.

Nominations are sent in from across Aspire including by people we support and their family and circle of support. Someone may be nominated for supporting someone to do something they have never done before, for making a real difference to someone’s life, for being a fantastic colleague or simply a great person to have around! 

In 2018 we received over 250 nominations for the Staff Awards. Our Service Quality Director, chair of the Staff Forum and our Chief Executive have a very difficult job deciding on the finalists.

The Staff Awards ceremony took place after a Eurovision-themed birthday party and disco and delicious afternoon tea.  The winners were presented with a personalised Aspire mug and a certificate. We also had long service awards for the first time this year, and presented over 60 certificates and gift vouchers to staff who have been with us for more than 10 years.

Investors in People

In December 2017 we were thrilled to be awarded a SILVER accreditation by Investors in People. This included 5 standards that were at GOLD level! 

We are now working on an action plan aiming for Gold accreditation in 2020.

Disability Confident Employer

Aspire is a Disability Confident Employer.  This means that we will make sure that everyone, including people who have a disability, can consider a job with us and they will be supported while they are in work if they develop a disability while they are working with us.

We have expertise and experience in our staff team so can provide adjustments in the interview process or in a day-to-day role. We believe in practical adjustments that enable you to get on with your job and feel confident as well as supported.   

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring


0300 303 1284

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring

0300 303 1284