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The support you want, how you want it

Our support is flexible: it may be from an hour a week to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We can support you if you live on your own, with others or with your family.  You may wish to be supported by people other than your family for a holiday or a short break, giving you and them the opportunity to do something different to your usual routine.  

If you have a learning disability or autism, have complex support needs or additional medical conditions or physical disability, we will support you in the way that you choose. 

We work with you, and your family and people who know and care about you, to design support that meets your wishes as well as your needs.  We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their life and choose what they want to do with it.

We will support you to have a good life in the community and to make friends, so you don’t have to rely on paid support to have fun, get out and about and meet your friends.

We will encourage and empower you to make choices and have control of your life. 


Our support might include:

  • Finding housing, and people you want to share your home with
  • Encouraging you to be more confident and independent
  • Helping you to keep healthy and support with your personal care
  • Getting out and about in the community
  • Socialising,  making friends and maintaining relationships with family
  • Finding and going volunteering or to work

Your local authority may provide an Individual or Personal Budget so you can buy the support you need direct from us. An Individual or Personal Budget will enable you to live the life the choose in your own home and be as independent as you can be.

Your support may also be paid for by the local authority or health. This makes no difference to our approach and the way we will support you. You will have your own person-centred support plan and be encouraged and empowered to make choices about how you live your life.

All our support has been confirmed as ‘Good’ by Care Quality Commission!

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring


Want to know more about us and what we do?

Come and visit, email or give us a ring